Pregnancy of a prospective mother is the most awaited thing by many couples because about 9 months ahead the couple will complete their happiness with the presence of a healthy baby. For a prospective mother or woman who is experiencing her for the first time in pregnancy, the period of pregnancy is quite a tense moment. Encouragement and enthusiasm are needed to keep the prospective mother and baby always in good health.

5 Tips on Maintaining Pregnancy

There are a few tips on how to look after a pregnancy that expectant mothers should know so that the condition of the mother and baby stay healthy and ready to give birth normally. Here are tips on keeping a pregnancy recommended for expectant mothers:


1. Maintain your diet

Set your diet and type to be consumed. Consuming lots of protein and fiber is one of the tips on maintaining pregnancy which is very important for expectant mothers. Try to consume five servings of fruits and vegetables every day and fish that contain vitamins and omega 3 for the development of your baby's nervous system.


2. Drinking water

Drink enough water to facilitate the digestion of pregnant women and replace lost body fluids.


3. Maintain Food Hygiene

Maintaining food hygiene is an action that must be taken so that the health and safety of your baby is maintained. Avoid ready-to-eat and undercooked foods to maintain the health of pregnant women and their babies.


4. Sports

One of the tips to maintain pregnancy that is rarely done by pregnant women is regular exercise. However, limit to always doing light exercise that is beneficial for the health of the body of pregnant women and the fetus such as walking and yoga exercises specifically for pregnant women.


5. Avoid Stress

Stress can cause premature birth and weight problems in babies. So, for pregnant women who experience stress immediately do relaxation with breathing or meditation. Avoid things that can trigger stress, instead focus on things that make you feel happy because the happiness of a pregnant woman affects her baby.


Applying the tips on maintaining pregnancy above is an important step to get a healthy and normal baby and expectant mothers who are also healthy until the time of birth. In addition to tips on maintaining the pregnancy above, prayer and encouragement are also mandatory for pregnant women so that the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy is maintained.

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